Animation Challenge #36 Voting CLOSED

Hi there,

We will now be having a vote for this round. The theme was:

“A Trick-Shot” (snooker or pool)

Participating Entries: - SplundHere is my entry, complete with dodgy sound effects.

Non-Participating Entry: - McSmiffySplund's entry looks a bit lonely so I thought I'd just upload a non-participating entry complete with even dodgier sound effects (in the second half)


+1 Splund - I loved that game what I was growing up!

Thanks for that Ammusionist and thanks to Aligorith for taking the trouble
to re open the poll.


both were great and hard to choose but i picked amusionist because i love those freeky eyes

Voted ammusionist - it made me laugh.

Ammunsionist… Just loved the eyes and the expressions. Very well done but maybe a bit smoother…

Nice too splund, I used to love that game

whens the next chalenge?

congrats to both! :smiley:

I will be closing voting in ~6 hours from now. Then, as soon as the winner can send me the topic for the next round, I’ll put it up :slight_smile:


Well, I’m now finally closing the poll.

Congrats Splund! This time it’s not a hollow victory :wink:

Voting this round was very close, with:

  • Splund: 13 votes
  • Ammusionist: 11 votes


Yes, very close, you are a worthy opponent Ammu’


I figured you probbly had it, but I was glad to make you fight for it!

Looking forward to the topic for the next!