Animation Challenge #37 Voting CLOSED

Hi all,

We had a good turnout this round, with the topic:Mechanimal
Voting will stay open for 5 days from now.



  • AmmusionistHere we go…

It’s in Windows Media format. I’ll post another as soon as I can figure another codec that can compress a 20MB avi to 6MB!

- <b>Woodman5k</b>Here is my entry:

- <b>McSmiffy</b>Here's my entry for this month's challenge.

Its the updated version of the fable of the Hare and the Tortoise.

O.K. so it's not a real hare, it's Mancandy with a pair of big ears.

and it's not a real tortoise, only a mechanimal.

<b>The Hare and the Tortoise</b>


(xVid 2.9mB) with sound

  • RobertT

Title: Snakebot
Codec: Xvid
File size: 1.84MB
Time: 32 seconds
Music: From “Is that a snake inside your thoughts?” by me


I voted for RobertT. I liked the twist at the end. Really reminded me of chinese fighting fish the way the snake was going after the mirror, or was it a mirror? hehehe

My vote has to go to …err… um… ahhh…


I liked the mood of the setting, and how the animation and music complimented each other … Excellent.

RobertT’s modelling is very good (well legendary really), and its great to see some animation from him. It does inspire me to try to improve my standards.

And next time I go down the zoo I’m gonna keep an eye out for those pesky elephants. I didn’t realise they were so dangerous!!!

Voting has now concluded for this round.

Congrats to Ammusionist with 7 (35%) of the votes.

Final voting statistics:

  • Ammusionist: 7 votes (35%)
  • Woodman5k: 3 votes (15%)
  • pamtango: 2 votes (10%)
  • McSmiffy: 5 votes (25%)
  • RobertT: 3 votes (15%)


gj Ammusionist!