Animation Challenge #38 Voting CLOSED

Hi all,

Here are the entries for this round. The theme was

All I want for Christmas :smiley:


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Title: “All I Want”
File size: 2.8MB
Length: 30 seconds
Codec/Format: XVid/Avi
Audio/music: By me

Created and rendered in Blender 2.42 optimized.

Why do deadlines for these contests change without notice. Originally this one was set to end at the end of January, tomorrow.

Actually, it was set to end at the end of December - It’s been growing cobwebs!

hey there,
great work for the amount of time guys…
Lasphere ,just curious:

where’d you get those character models? (looks like the same one found here:

if you could point me in the right direction, I’d appriciate it :slight_smile:





Yearh thats right… Made’em my self… Download if ya want :smiley:

im loosing big time, now… :frowning:

Well, the poll has now closed.

Congrats RobertT, with 10 votes (66%)

nicodemus - 4 (26.67%)
RobertT - 10 (66.67%)
Lasphere - 1 (6.67%)


C’mon RobertT - What’s the next topic.

RobertT posted me the topic on Wednesday, so I’ve decided to wait until today to launch the next round.