Animation Challenge #4 Entries CLOSED

This AC’s theme is:


Contest ends Thursday, Nov. 11th., at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (Nov. 12th, 2 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time).

You can find the usual stock models here:

Or try these:

Remember, Keep It Simple! You won’t recreate Toy Story or Sky Captain in 10 days, but there is a lot that you can do! Bust something out, learn more about animation, and have fun!

Cool! Catastrophe!
Too bad I can’t enter. Test week. :wink:

Well, I am going to try to enter. I want to keep this challenge ALIVE!

Please, anyone, enter somthing, anything. You wouldn’t want me to win by default. :-?


I’m in, by the way do all the animatons in this challenges have to involve characters?.. if so maybe we shoulfd change the name of the challenge to “Character Animaton Challenge”(just something that popped in my head) :-?

I don’t think there is any such requirement.

Nope, feel free to animate whatever you want. We’ve been focused on providing rigged character models to people because they tend to be difficult and tedious to put together, but you’re more than welcome to do absolutely anything you want in your animation, regardless of whether it has characters in it.

Alright finally got a movie compressed down far enough, but here you go:

<Click Image>

How was it done?

I’ve done very little animation, but I’ll give it a try.



I think i have a pretty neat idea :slight_smile:
good luck to all.

How was it done?[/quote]

since a couple people have asked maybe ill do a quick mini-tute but ill post it in the finished projects thread.

hey, cool topic!
i’ll see if i can whip up something.

ok, managed to get something together for this one.

erm, I kinda realized halfway through that my original idea was a tad too long so the anim doesn’t make as much “sense” as I guess it should. I might flesh it out sometime later.

my particle effects don’t quite match up to the other entry, but hey :slight_smile:


mpeg4 (slightly better quality):

pelase tell me if there are any problems with either of the files. I’ll try to get a screen up too.



BTW, is there a free site that I can host a movie on?

Here’s something called “eco” which stands for “earth crossing object.”

View the animation (320x240/10 seconds/250 frames @ 25 fps/DivX Avi encoded with audio)

I used Virtual Dub to combine the audio and video, so maybe that makes this open? Yes, that’s a silly little pseudodramatic audio track I made with my Triton :slight_smile:

Everything, including the title, lettering, and faux widescreen were all done in Blender in one pass (parenting lettering/planes to camera…).

Another learning experience. Hope you like it.


Robertt its not open you have to add audio externally, so it should be pure(correct me if im wrong)

That’s correct. Since Blender can’t mux video and audio, any external tool you use to combine them is not a problem at all, so we can call it pure.

Ok, here’s mine:


Anybody else have something to post? Get it up quick, submissions close tonight!

Hmm, asteroids seem popular! :wink:
I’ve been working on an entry, but it won’t be ready in time. Entries look very good so far, though! :smiley: