Animation Challenge #41 Entries CLOSED

Hi all,

The topic for this round is:

Fire meets Water

Entries close 7th May 2007

The rules are here. Keep an eye on the file size and time limit!

You can find stock characters here:

You can find free music (Creative Commons cc-by-sa-nc) at:

And you can find free sound effects (CC Sampling Plus license) at the freesound project:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

Remember, Keep It Simple!

Have fun,

oooh oooh!
i wanna try this :slight_smile:
actually, i won’t be able to work on this, it’s been a busy month and i have a few important things coming up soon, so, !imout
maybe next time :slight_smile:

Placeholder :cool:

Oooh! This sounds interesting! Placeholder (I hope I can finish this)

that’s a good reason to try out the improved flow simulation features in 2.43 :D!

[edit] crap,out of time :frowning: sorry peeps!

Bump… just a friendly reminder that the deadline is the end of this weekend. :smiley:


Ok, heres my entry. Its a bit long, but the file size is under 6mb so i hope thats ok. :confused: VS Water ‘Remember - Right click and save link as!’

Thanks, and enjoy!

-hope to see some other animations soon too! :slight_smile:

woah really really awesome ad-edge… thats a pretty epic fight :smiley: glad my attempt failed cause it would in no way meet up to your standards!

Thanks Scraze! :o

I got a bit carried away with it but that happens sometimes!

Will be my last animation contest for a while though, got to much school work at the moment… :frowning:

Thanks for the comment - still hopeing to see more entrys though!

That’s awesome AD-Edge! Great particles and cool effects when they both fire at each other at the same time.



Still trying to get a flame idea working - had a munchkin in and out of hospital a lot this month, so a little distracted. If I can get it finished in the next 24 hours or so I’ll post it

Methinks the animation challenge need some PR, perhaps? :eek:

Ha, doesnt seem to be any more entrys… :eek:

And Scraze, what did you mean by PR? - sorry, bit slow with the slang :spin:

AD-Edge, outstanding work there… Love the powerduel with the water/fire beams! extreme!

Hi all,

I will be starting the next round of the Animation Challenge on the 1st of June. In order to boost participation rates, I’d like to propose a few changes. More on those later.


Well … that’s what I mean with PR, AD-EDge, some public relations :smiley: any way we can boost the entries, like a link on blendernation or a more prominent animation gallery, anything that gets the AC more under attention of the other blenderheads. I think there are a lot of creative people out there that would like to enter, if they’d only knew it exists. How do 10 entries sound to you :P?

Are we still going to vote for AD-Edge (winner or nothing ;p) btw? I want to express my appreciation :D!