Animation Challenge #42 "Audio Sync" Entries CLOSED

Hi all,

Starting from this round onwards, the Animation Challenge is going to be run in a slightly different way:


  • Each round will last for one week unless otherwise stated
  • Challenges will take one of two forms - “Audio Sync” and “Rigging”
  • The “Audio Sync” will run one week, while the “Rigging” will run the week after that.
  • While one round is in progress, the voting for the previous round will take place.
  • The winner of each round will be responsible for coming up with a topic/sound-file for the next round of that type.What do each involve:
  • “Audio Sync” challenges involve creating an animation to suit the music/sounds or lipsyncing what is spoken in the audio file. You are free to animate before/after the clip as you see fit. Where there is lipsyncing required, the length of the clips will be limited to 10 seconds. For music, this limit is 20 seconds.
  • “Rigging” challenges involve creating a rig (try to come up with neat new solutions) that conforms with the topic and animating it. In order to help people judge the ‘quality’ of the rigs, it would be favourable if the .blend files were uploaded somewhere.File Issues:
  • Image sizes - should not exceed 640x480. Please be considerate when choosing image size.
  • File size - try to make this as small as you can without degrading the quality too much (aim to keep the maximum file size in the 6-10 mb range)
  • Format - choose formats that many people can open without problems. Examples include *.mov, *.mpg, *.wmv, *.avi (commonly used codecs)---------------------------------

For this week, I’ve sourced a sound file which I hope will create a few interesting entries. :smiley:

It can be found at the following place:

Have fun!

You can find stock characters here:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

oo sounds interesting :slight_smile:
im in for the rigging one, as soon as that starts :spin:

hahahah I hope to get my entry in :wink: …It will be “Exquisite” hahaha

Ok, here is my quick entry…just the lip sync. No bells and whistles here, I just wanted to focus on the lip syncing and body movement of the two words.

quick question.

With the lipsync/sound animation. Can the animation be longer than the sound clip provided?

Can the audio be minipulated?

Is their a rule for how long the audio file can be?

Sorry to be anoying, just interested.

Hey grape ape,

I think that if it isn’t in the rules don’t worry about it :wink: In my opinion the animation should be longer than the sound clip. If you want to manipulate the audio for your liking I don’t see why not(artistic expression right?). I do think there should be a rule for how long the audio is. We don’t want to try to lip sync a motion picture in a week :wink: Anyway, that is my opinion for what it’s worth.


I went for bunny guy, took me an hour / half last night. Not include rendering.

thanks for looking.

Well, I have to say this audio peaks awfully, so here’s a slightly modified version (a 30 second job in Audacity) if you want it


intense or sharp; “felt exquisite pleasure” ; “suffered exquisite pain”

It just had to be said…

Its one or the other!

( Note:- I had to cut the last half of the animation where the shapes change and colours flash because of epilepsy fears)

see :-

I didn’t see and end-date for this one. Is it Friday, or Sunday? (As in end-of week.)

I’ve adapted my entry from “Out of Control” weekend challenge, and should have it in in the next day or two.

I was just messing around for a little bit taking a break from the group and I came up with this using my Dan character. You can find the other files for the group in this thread. Not quite finished yet, but almost. Here is my entry. Click on the picture. [3MB XVid .avi]

or you can find it on Youtube.

The contest ends on the Friday after the thread is posted. So Friday to Friday.


That would be your time oh dweller of the land that looks suspiciously like both Middle Earth and Narnia ?

Quick one with minimal lip sync.
Animation Linked here:

or non-YouTube larger file size, 5.2MG, here:


Arrrgh - Ready to render and I don’t have any codecs for playback on my work machine, so I’ll have to render it at home.

Going to be about 10:30 pm (GST +9.30) before I can get it in. Arrgh!

Ok, here’s my entry. Hope you all like it. :slight_smile:

^Click thumbnail to view movie^


Whew Finally!


For some strange reason, whenever I animate this character, I imagine him as effeminate and narcissistic.
Fun challenge, I hope there are more like


There’s some funny ones there. It’s going to be a tough call. Everyone’s put in a lot of hours.

But I want to say one thing to the person who recorded the sound. Hold a cloth type material stretched out, a centimeter or two in front of the mic, that way you stop that blowing-into-the-mic effect. A cloth material like fine silk or even an old pair of ladies stockings will do the trick.