Animation Challenge #44 "Audio Sync" Voting CLOSED

Hi all,

Not as many entries this time (+ my own), but here is the voting thread for Round 44. The poll will close on Friday 30th June (NZST).


  • bgstratt

I’m working on it, should have it done by this afternoon, hope Calvin doesn’t beat me too bad. heheh. :evilgrin:
This is about a 2MB mpeg.[right-click, save as]
Ambient Occlusion
This is about a 4MB mpeg.[right-click, save as]

Also, the AO one on Youtube

Here is the blend OOT.blend

  • Calvin

Well considering I only took a total of five hours on this thing… I don’t think it’s that bad.
The FINAL (for now) and real render:
(I’m thinking about putting an iPod in his hand… hence the experiment with the music in the background)

Here is the lip Sync without the body motion:

  • Aligorith

I’ve decided to enter this one myself to boost entries a bit. The animation was quickly thrown together in a few (1-2) hours this evening. Note how I’ve made some shortcuts with this animation :wink:

went for cavins, loved that arm swing.

That pig is so funny Aligorith.

I just wanted to say, I know that some people are afraid of trying to lip-sync a character that doesn’t have any phonemes or shape-keys, but both of the characters that Calvin and I lip-synced for the competition use only armature in the face, and none of the three of us spent very much time on these considering they were completed after the deadline since no one else had entered.

I think the lip sync is pretty true to the clip on AJ and on Will, sure it could have been tweaked and polished a little more, but so would shape keys have had to. What I’m really trying to say is that it is not nearly as difficult to do a lip-sync with armature only like most people seem to think, and sometimes it is easier because you can get a more animated result as you go. I know that I for one find it more difficult to keep from having the lip-sync seem repetitive using shape keys than simply using an armature.

I will admit though, I have very, very little experience, in fact, it only spans a few months, so I probably don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

Well done Calvin with 100% of the votes. :wink:


Yay! Thanks for voting everyone! :smiley: