Animation Challenge #49 Entries CLOSED

Hi all,

Here is the soundfile for this round.

This round will last for 2 weeks and will end on the end of Saturday (NZST).

The rules can be found at the following link:…2&postcount=52

Have fun, and take note of the closing dates please,

You can find stock characters here:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts: (currently out of action… try another host for this round)

god dam school. doubt i will get this done

Here is my entry:

hahaha nice work man, took me only one rewind of the movies to get it, /clap

Here is my non-participating entry for this weeks challenge.

It features the Micrasoft Mk 14 Laser mouse…

…the last mouse you’ll ever buy!

(2.9 Mb Xvid)


mcsmiffy, that was awesome…too bad you are not entering though :frowning:

OMGosh, that was awesome mcsmiffy! :yes:

heres my entry, not realy an entry, just putting some things ive been doing in my free time this week to the sound audio
if u can somehow make a connection to these images and the sound . please, lemme no

that mouse got OWNED

So what is the exact date that this competition will end??? I don’t want to enter because I’m not sure…

2 weeks from oct 19. wen was that?

2 weeks would be nice if the anim contests were as well attended as the still image ones.Tell you what - You do one and I’ll do one! Cool?

ok, hers my real entry, i actaully finished it lastweek around wedness day, but then i finaly got the redering to work correctly (ended up man-dy’s default rendering style wasnt working right,
so here she is

Sorry Ammusionist I forgot about this this totally, by the way, is the challenge still active, and if so when is the official closing date?

i think the official closing date is when enough entries are in to make it worth voting for. Aligorith’s very patient about that.

I have a WIP for this called “Robot Dog” that I’m updating as I can.

Can I add some extra sound to it…or change it just a little?

this is getting rediculos, its no longer a weekend challeng, no longer a 2 week challenge now its a monthly contest, one suggestion is i think there shoudl be more than one person managing, i no we all have lives outside of these forums. so wen one person is away the otehr can keep it going, if u no wat i mean

At least one more day please.My entry will be ready only tomorrow morning.

dotn worry . i have a feeling it will be another week before this one ends

Hey! Here is my entry!
Better late , than never.