Animation Challenge #49 Voting CLOSED

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. It’s been a busy few months (just under 3 months). In future, it would be nice if someone can volunteer to help run this challenge so that situations like this don’t occur that frequently… Also, I’d like some comments about how people are finding the current format of the competition (sound-file based).

The next round is unlikely to occur until the new year, unless anybody is keen on doing a round with some short seasonal clips :wink:

Anyways, here are the entries. Voting will close close on the 19th December.



  • hunter551…nim%20comp.MOV

  • RANKN67

  • Vova

  • AniCator

Codec: DivX .AVI
Size: 458KB

Non-Participating Entries

  • McSmiffy

It features the Micrasoft Mk 14 Laser mouse…

…the last mouse you’ll ever buy!

(2.9 Mb Xvid)

McSmiffy’s was really good.

Too bad he isn’t participating.

Hi all,

Well done to Vova with 3 votes!
Runner-up(s): hunter551 and AniCator

Thanks to musk for volunteering to run this challenge if I’m unavailable.

As this weekend marks the start of the holidaying season, the next round will be held next year.

Until then, adios…

Happy new year, time for a new contest.

I want a new Animation Contest!
Happy New Year.

Hi, I’ve been away a couple of days over the holidays. I hope everyone had a happy new year. Aligorith it would be great if you could contact me to clear the last details and to coordinate who will be doing what!
Contact me at: mailtolanger - at - googlemail (dot) com.