Animation Challenge #5 Entries CLOSED

This animation contest’s theme is:

The Gift of Flight

Contest ends Thursday, Nov. 25th., at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (Nov. 26th, 2 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time). That’s Thanksgiving for us yanks, all in honor of a flightless bird. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

You can find the usual stock models here:

Or try these:

Remember, Keep It Simple! You can’t remake The Incredibles in 10 days, but you can make an incredible 10-second clip!


this one should be interesting :slight_smile:

Placeholder. This time I’ll really try and finish something.

I think I may do this one,…also, here is a helicopter/plane thing i made in this thread it needs a couple of things to be animatible, namely, the propellors need to be seperated from the rest of the mesh, unparented to the empty, and reparented to empties that are parented to the main mesh. that should make propelor animation quite doable, in fact i just rigged mine in this way. I also made a stunt plane, that if i de-crapify it, i’ll put it up too.

Here’s mine. Some planes flying around.

Placeholder (first time %| )

…You can’t remake The Incredibles in 10 days…

oh, really?
jk :wink:
My entry:

JordanK – excellent entry. Welcome to the contest!

One fine point: your movie is a little too large. In the rules, we cap it at 4 mb, and yours is a bit over 6 mb.

Not to worry, though. I made a divx version that is a very comfortable 488kb. You can find it here:

Does that look good to you? If so, we can use that for the official entry. If not, feel free to encode in whatever format works for you.


Yeah, thanks. we can use that one. I read the rules, but I didn’t see the filesize limit :expressionless:

well im in, its gonna be a sprint finnish though, ill need a long time to render this thing seems to be taking ages and its only a test run.
damn lighting setups

Excellent! Hope it turns out well!

If it looks like it’s going to be close, you can always cut away modelling detail, simplify the materials, and kick down the OSA a bit, too. We strongly encourage voters to look at the quality of the animation (motion, editing, composition, etc.) and not the modelling, so if less detail gets it in on time, that’ll work!

i doubt the animation on mine will win any awards but i have learned a fair ammount. and re-learned some other stuff. i was always hoping something like this would pop up in the blender community and stay here, ill enter as often as i can :smiley:

I only read about this a couple of days ago. I’m going as fast as I can, but my entry may be a little late! Does this disqualify me? :frowning:

Whew - I think I made it! - Unexpected Flight!

This is my first attempt so please be gentle!

All Blender (But I used an external program to mix in the sound and code in DivX) I checked the rules after I uploaded it and I think at 400x300 it’s a little large. Sorry! :-?

Can you use Wing3D for the model, or terregen for terrain?

i think so,…since it’s an animation challenge, modelling is of no great concern.

Sure. As long as the animating and rendering are done in Blender, you can use whatever modelling tools you like. Like Modron wrote, the emphasis is on the animation.

I’ve really liked the recent evolution of Blender’s modelling tools. I used to use Wings almost exclusively and then import. Now, I use Blender to model almost everything. It’s up to you, though–there are no limitations on the modelling tool.

Just a heads up to everybody–because the challenge ends on Thanksgiving, there’s a better than average chance that I might not close the entries/open the voting by 9 p.m. Thursday. Don’t count on that happening though! Be sure to get you entries in by the deadline, because I’ll try open the voting as close to the appointed time as I possibly can. It all depends on what kind of Internet availability I have that evening.

Best of luck!

Got in on this one a little late. I decided on Monday morning to come up with something and started modelling that afternoon. Now my eyes hurt. :smiley: Quite the challenge pulling off even 16 seconds or so of animation in a couple of days. This is far from where this could go (and may very likey yet) but I hope you like it anyway.

Here it is:

edit: I uploaded a divx version here:

Can’t play your movie on OS X. Tried quicktime, mplayer, VLC, and WMP :frowning: