Animation Challenge #5 Entries CLOSED

Can’t play your movie on OS X. Tried quicktime, mplayer, VLC, and WMP

I edited my post. Try the second link and see if that works. Both worked for me using Mplayer on my Linux box. The divx version was a bit flakey using Windows Media Player in XP though (had to play it twice for it to work) :-?

That one works in Quicktime.

Nice animation

A friend was having trouble opening this so I recoded it to MPEG. Can you guys open it OK?

mikejedw- have you ever considered using a 10sec to 15sec .wav sound file then people have to make an animation according to that .wav
kind of like the uses. that might be fun to try with the animation challange?
it might also up the number of contestants? just a suggestion, but i’m very glad to see that elysiun has put up a animation challange :smiley:

Yup, that’s actually codified in the rules. The winner of the contest can pick a theme, image, sound file, or rigged model as the “seed” for the next contest. So far, we’ve just done themes, but it’s open as an option for any winner to pick.

Ok, I have an entry coming. Just have to wait until I get home to re-encode it to divx. Then I will post it.

So, here is a very late PLACEHOLDER.

OK Here it is:

Divx encoded. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Sorry for the bad background. Had not time to model teh environment, so just put that.

Sorry to sound stupid but what is the date of thanksgiving? (we don’t have it over here)

Its an american holdiday, thats celibrates a feast between the pilgrams and native americans… tosay everyone gets with our families and well have a feast and talk about old times then sleep from the triptophin in the turkey :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info but I was asking a different question

Lol sry just woke up when i read that, its TODAY (nov 25th)

I think I made it. The question I asked earlier was because I rendered terragen terrain with the textures.