Animation Challenge #5 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Gift of Flight

Pure Entries

Ammusionist [list:6343434f9a]







I voted for fakeplastic. good stuff, guys.

Voted for Ammusionist. It was very amusing. Good use of animation basics with the stretch and squash.

Your timing was good too.

Good work everybody.

Hey, this competition is really starting to drumroll take off. ROTFL. Ah, I just love laughing at my own jokes %| Seriously, though, very high quality throughout this time. Great job, you guys :smiley:

I love the humming bird! - Nice quick movements - You got my vote.

amussionist i liked your soundtrack but i couldn’t see the image. i tried playing it on vlc, nero, and quicktime player but no luck.

voted for fakeplastic though I liked all of them. Really fluid, yet darting motion on the hummingbird. :slight_smile:

doh!, forgot all about this week. I even had a placeholder :<

Is there a standard codec that everyone uses? It almost looks like there’s nothing that everyone can open?

This one is in MS Mpeg4 v2 - I can recode it if you like!

i think most people use divX, but where do i get the mpeg4 codec?

This looks like the right one.


Ammusionist 18% [ 5 ]
fakeplastic 44% [ 12 ]
Fly3d 22% [ 6 ]
JordanK 0% [ 0 ]
Modron 7% [ 2 ]
Sparrow 7% [ 2 ]

Congrats to fakeplastic!

Congrats fakeplastic!! pick a good topic!! (i might have time to participate this week) :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I hope you like the topic.