Animation Challenge #52 Entries CLOSED

Hi all,

It was great to see a decent number of entries for last round. Keep up the good work guys :wink:

For this round, we have a soundfile found by the winner of the previous round, The M.h.p.e:
Entries will close in 3 weeks (i.e. 31st March), at which point we’ll vote for a week. Remember to use your time wisely, and keep it simple (longer entries will take longer to make).

Have fun,

You can find ready-to-use characters here (PM me if you’d like to get your rig on this list for the next round):

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:


9 days to go! Where are some entries?



Hullo? Entries are due at the end of this weekend :wink:

So, no entries?


I cant believe that no one is actually busy animating here in this thread.For how long the thread will still be open?


Maybe if I make and entry and become the winner by default, this will continue, yes?

I have no time for animation challenges right now. Sorry.

hey I wanna do it. But, uhhh, the sound file thing won’t work. And isn’t it way past the deadline? Please respond, this looks fun.

Not sure if it still counts. Not sure what’s going on with this thread at all, but here is my animation.Even if it doesn’t count it’s still very nice practice with character animation.
Thanks to Sketchy for the ludwig rig and character mesh.

The sound thingy is broken me thinks

I vote for stupid…er, I mean padfoot7726. The soundfile still works too…

Lovin it padfoot(p.s. are you as old as you look? :D)

Padfoot made me lol. :slight_smile:

i think its been more then 3weeks…

I guess vote for padfoot’s entry. It’s the best of all… one.

Ok guys I got in contact with Aligorith and we both agreed to call this animation challenge closed.
padfoot7726 congratulation on winning this one :).
padfoot7726 I pm you for the new theme, soundfile for the next challenge.

Haha. I hope to be able to participate on the next one.

EDIT: Aligorith has not changed the title yet.