Animation Challenge #53 Entries CLOSED (No Participation)

EDITED: Ok there seems to be an agreement on this thread that people do not have the time to create something for this challenge do to the BWC. So I’m officially moving the deadline to the end of September.
The Topic is still “The Big Top” read below for details. It is the animation that matters not the set, textureor render.

Hi all,

I’m going to host this round of the animation challenge instead of Aligorith.
Congratulation to last rounds winner padfoot7726. He was the only one to send in a complete entry. Although bittersweet it was well deservered.
He choose The Big Top (the circus) for this round’s theme.

Rollover: entries will close at 30th of September at 6pm or 18:00 GMT, at which point we’ll vote for a week.
Remember to use your time wisely, and keep it simple (longer entries will take longer to make).

Modelling and texturing is not important for this challenge. Use a premade character instead of creating one. It’s allright to use objects you have allready created no need to create something new. The animation is what is important and the entry should soley be judged on that base.

Hope to see more entries this time.
Good luck to you all and happy blending


You can find ready-to-use characters here (PM me if you’d like to get your rig on this list for the next round):

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

possible place holder…idk i suck at animating!

but we do an animation of something at the circus??? like with clowns!!(AHH!!!) or other crap…

Yeah, I dont get it. No sound file? And just circus as the theme? I wanna play, so can you give me the down low?

Just an animation with a circus theme. Not all the Animation Challenges have sound files.:wink:

@Sammaron: You can either have a sound file or just a theme. This turn there is just a theme and you are allowed to do anyhting that fits within that scene.

Remember guys if we don’t have two full entries by this evening 6pm GMT this contest will roll over for another three weeks.

Since we have no entry yet this contest will roll over. New closing date is the 28th of July 6pm/18:00 GMT.
The theme is still The Big Top (The circus). Details can be found in Post #1

Ok is anybody actually interested in these animation challenges anymore? This is the third contest in a row which doesn’t have a lot of entries (like none :frowning: ) even after a roll over.
What is the problem? No interest? No time? Bad topic? Anybody have any suggestions on how we can improve this contest to increase participation?
I’m going to roll this contest over until the end of BWC (September 7th 18:00 GMT = 6pm GMT)

What the?!! How could there be no interest in an animation contest? I think it might be the topic, but even I, having no interest in circuses whatsoever, can think of a couple funny things to do. I feel bad for you, Musk, so if only to raise interest, I’ll try to come up with an entry. :slight_smile:

Don’t feel bad for me I just think it sad if a great contest gets dropped but if there is no interest then be it. I think one of the things that keeps people from participating is the time and the missconception that you have to provide a complete scene and everything while simple one person animation will do.

I have been practicing alot of stuff with ludwig lately trying desperately to learn animation…

I only have a a few hours in the day to animate so things are going really slow…

But I will try to submit a entry before the end date…

Regards personxx

I’m also interested, but the BWC’s kind of sucking up time now. I’ve just read Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, about the American mobile circus in the '30s, so I’m not short of ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if I manage to enter before the deadline.

If all peopel agree we could extend this til end of september so the people involved with the BWC have a chance of participating.

Good idea.

@musk: I feel for you because I’m in the same boat right now, except with a school news program. We were supposed to prepare everything during the summer, but it seems no one wanted to help except me and one other person, and we might have to cancel the idea. It’s sad when a good idea dies. :frowning:

I’m glad to see the animation contest doesn’t look like it’s gonna kick the bucket yet, though. :slight_smile:

hmm I just think not many people know about it… I had this thought the other day - how about having some sort of sidebar at blendernation or even here at BA with all the Blender challenges and the deadlines? Not sure if it’s possible, but I think it would raise more awareness.

That’s just a general idea, but I think perhaps it might help to have some ideas or hints to inspire people to make animations for the topic, or even provide a sound clip of some sort? I think generally people prefer to do the still image challenges because it’s less work and takes up less time :stuck_out_tongue: so if you gave people a head-start already then it might help.
Another idea would be to write some sort of short storyline to animate… That would be quite a lot of work for the organizers though :frowning:

I think a storyline is pretty hard to get since it will have to be something really really simple like walk from left to right and trip over a stone or else it will not be doable in the set timeframe

A soundclip would be a pretty good idea though, wouldn’t it?

I might leave a placeholder here. The lack of interest is an ideal way for me to win a competition as long as there are no other entries.

LeoJs: Yes, we have those too if you look at the last animation challenge you will see that we used a soundclip. The topic or soundclip is decided upon by the winner of the animation challenge so he basically decides what the next animation challenge will be.

Please do doncuan

If you go to the end of September, I’ll try to do something. I’ve never worked with one of the pre-rigged characters before, so doing something like having Mancandy walk across a tightrope would be pretty fun. I’m in.

Ok since the BWC is running currently and a lot of people don’t have the time to do two projects at the same time, we are going to move the deadline for this animation challenge to the end of September. So the new Deadline is the 30th of September 18:00 GMT or 6pm GMT.
See the first post for details on this competition