Animation Challenge #7 Entries CLOSED

This animation contest’s theme is:

Minor Space Opera
the galactic civilizations and events that nobody remembers, but did happen.

The RULES are here. Just to note, I’m going to be a little more strict this time around, so mind the file size and frame count limits!

Contest ends Thursday, Dec. 23rd., at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (Dec. 24th, 2 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time):

You can find the usual stock models here:

Or try these:

Remember, Keep It Simple! Neo-Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can make an 10-second clip of a small piece of it!

This could be interesting.

Great theme basse.

If I can find the time…minor placeholder

lmao! This is an absolutly awesome theme Basse (in a shove it their face sort of way). If I have time I will participate for sure. great job on the last. congrats! :smiley:

me part take

offtopic: that website looks shit house

Tell me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the current CG-challenge also “Grand Space Opera”

Is someone also in that one, with Blendr3D?

it is. now, look at our topic again… :slight_smile:


it will be short, but i’m in

Ok, I’ll be the first to throw down:

Once again, is pretty awesome for free music under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license.

Hmm Descision time-
Spend my christmas holiday on the laptop animating for the challenge


Spend time with the family and avoid my wife wreaking terrible revenge - possibly involving piano wire.

Hmmm… choices, choices… :smiley:

I’ll catch the next challenge or so.

(Pity too - I had a great idea about rogue socks building a stargate inside the dryer and using it to escape to a world where they could be free! Ah well - shelve that thought for another time!)

Ah, I was going to do a variation on that sock thing for the past “Living Objects” Weekend Challenge, but I went with something less cool and easier to model.

So, if anyone else does manage to do an entry, y’all best hurry up! Otherwise, it’ll be a pretty lonely poll.


Hmm, the holidays seem to be keeping everyone busy. I’ll extend the challenge for another 24 hours. If no one else has entered by 12/24, 9 p.m. EST…victory is mine! Muhahahaha! (A hollow victory, but whatever.)


Lol. Diabolical. :wink:


I have one coming, I don’t know if I can get it rendered in time.

If it’s late, can I still get it in, since no one else seems to be entering?


Here is my entry:

The attack force lands!

It kinda sucks, but oh well. Didn’t have much time. Plus, I didn’t realize how hard it is to animate a six-legged character.