Animation Challenge- Circus

Thought I’d dive in and have a go at this weeks challenge.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any animating…been working in the game engine for the most part, so I’ve decided to keep it simple. Here’s a screenshot and link to an early animation of my progress so far.

460k DivX Codec Avi

I plan to have a few camera angles, this is just a full scene test. I should be able to loop it too, with one dude swinging back as another gets shot over top.

I used the Game Engine to get the center of mass position. I played out a scene of the cannon shooting a sphere into a trampoline(100 restitution plane), then had it roll along the inside of a partial tube for the swing.

I’ll post a link to the topic that I got the screenshot script from, made it really nice to plot out the position every 5 frames :slight_smile:

C&C appreciated


Here’s the topic that I got the Script from

Scroll down to one of z3ro d’s posts. He has a demo file link’d.


Only saw a few things but its nit picking, one is on the last part of his flip before he enters the cannon (around 8 sec) he speeds up just slightly. Give him a shadow, IMHO would make it look much better. Otherwise great work!

How did the game ngine help you?


Nitefyre: Thanks!

About the 8th second…I have to tweak the transition out of the last flip still. Not sure what is goin on there, but I noticed something evil too. One solution may be that I plan to use a close up on the face for a <blink, look down, close eyes as arms cross> shot.

Jedi Dawn:

I made a realtime version of the scene using a small sphere as a dynamic actor. I ran it with a screenshot script that saves a .tga every frame.

I used the screenshots to plot out the path frame by frame.

Frame 1, I mapped anim0065.tga onto a plane and placed an Empty at the center of the sphere and recorded it’s position.

Frame 2, I changed the texture on the plane to anim0066.tga and moved the Empty to the center of the sphere and inserted a Loc keyframe again.

…through frame 63 and texture anim0127.tga

This gave me realistic positions for the accceleration/deceleration due to gravity. All I did then was parent the Flippy char to the Empty.

fly: :wink:

Great Job. It looks nice, but is there a way you could zoom in??

Ic3Cold: I’m working on new camera angles now…3 new cams so far, comin’ along nicely

Haha, that animation is very cute. I wonder if their is any way to simulate gravity to enhance the realness?
Otherwise the animation is very well done. :smiley:

A nice interpretation of the theme.

The guy has a very constant speed though as he flies through the air; he’s being shot from a cannon so he should really accelerate out of it, slow into the top of his flight, and then accelrate under gravity as he falls to the trampoline.

For comedy, maybe some crazy flapping of the arms as if he thinks he can really fly?

Good stuff so far, keep it up!

flippyneck: I think I need to compress the whole thing, seems too slow right now. I’m hoping that will show the change in speed better. Otherwise I’ll have to fiddle with the IPO.

I plan on putting in ‘oh crap hands’(big wild circles) after the trampoline hit.

Here’s a closer look through a tracking camera AVI, 1.7MB

Here’s a test of multiple camera’s sequenced together AVI, 2.9MB