Animation clipping

Hi, I’ve got a problem with the clipping of armature actions: I’ve got several meshes with armatures that play their action when near a specific property owned by another object which moves always forward. So when these armatured objects are in the camera frustrum they play their animation when the other object come close from them. But when I move my camera too much left or too much right I noticed that their action stops at the frame they are, and continue to play the animation when back in the camera frustrum. So I was wondering is there a way to desactivate si action clipping for some objects ?

There’s no manual way to prevent animation culling, but you can set animation to property driven instead of play or loop. Add to the property when the object is close and set it back to 1 when it gets longer than the length of the animation. That way the animation will still be culled but when activated again it should pick up from the correct place instead of being paused.

A lot of work in perspective but thank you a lot for this answer, I was getting a little worried about this :wink:

Hi! A way to prevent animation culling is to parent a giant cube to your armature, like this: (look at the little cube shadow to see if the animation is played outside frustum. UnParent Giant cube to see the difference)

(Sorry if I misanderstood the question)