Animation comedy series. Looking for a team

Hello fellow blender chefs. I am starting a series of funny short animation. I will try to give you as much detail as possible. Here is what I need.
Concept artist/storyboard artist (In Need now)
Modelers (have 1)
Lighting and texturing
You don’t need to be an expert. Even if your a beginner I will offer you a simple job. Please either response to this thread or email me at [email protected] or pm me. No heavy obligation as you are working for free. Just work when you can.
A little about the project now.
It will be a cartoon.
The style will be medium poly. Not to high but not in a low poly style. The first planned episode is a short about an alligator that tries to drive but fails epicly. When I get the group we will go it detail. I will later update your with concept images of the characters and environment. Anyone that would enjoy having some fun and learning as well as collaborating on a project is invited to join. I hope to get a team within the next two weeks or so. People can always join later.
To apply: send me an email, pm, or reply preferably with a few examples of your work but not required (it will help me give you a part.) Also tell me what your good at and your area of interest. Remember this is casual so everyone is encouraged to help. Thank you and have fun blending some awesome stuff. For more info contact me as stated above.
I can give about 10 hours a week to this project and am determined to get this project finished even if it takes time.

I am eager to work on this project.
I am new to 3D animating (and learning quickly), I just began learning how to model in Blender 3D.
Please check out some of my work on our (me and my partner’s) YouTube channel here

Sorry about not updating the thread but sadly because to some events in have to cancel this project before we got started.