?Animation compression?

(Ecks) #1

I have an amination (avi jpeg) of 22 meg. I want to compress it because I want to send it my email(If it is possible). So I want it compress to about 4 or 5 meg.

(Schlops) #2

Use the DivX encoder, even better compression rates: http://www.divx.com

(Ecks) #3

I already try it and whenI load my avi jpg video (that I made in blender) it say: Failed to open c:\render\robotfight.avi

what is the problem?

(Schlops) #4

Maybe you need the avi-jpeg-codec, get it here: http://members.yourlink.net/gruff/filez/jpeg_avi_codec.zip
Or save your animation in blender as avi-raw