Animation cost / price

Can you tell me how much an animated episode costs ( 3D) like
"the owl " - ?

What are the rates - for medium quality animation per minute ?

To give you a ballpark idea: if you watch the end of that short you will see a total of 23 people from four studios credited with its production. That sort of manpower isnt cheap.

hmm. but how much ?

Oh, you want a precise answer from people who have no way of knowing? In that case the movie cost exactly eight.

Edit to be more helpful: I seem to recall Gamasutra saying something about the median wage for video game artists being 80k USD per year. If you assume that wage is average for the people who made is movie (I have no idea if it is) and that it took an average of two week of labor from each person (I have no idea how much time it took them to make) then labor would be roughly 35 thousand dollars, plus equipment and all the other expenses that go with running a studio. Ive heard that total overhead for each employee commonly runs as much as their salary, so double the cost to 70k USD, add in the profit that the studios hoped to make.

In conclusion, I would guess the movie cost somewhere between 5,000 and 500,000 US dollars.

This is a spam email I got . . . not sure if these jokers are a credible source or some international gansta out to fleece the local TV production directors.

Dear businesspersons:
We have 35 creative artists in our studio. We can create:
3D Walkthrough (Min.USD100 per second)
Short Animation (Min.USD1500 per minute)
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Video/Movie After Effects (USD60 per second or Up)
2D/3D game (Min.USD4000 each project)

We are seeking jobs a continuing basis, the ideal customers are:
Game companies
Movie companies
Architectural companies
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