Animation Course in Blender South Wales U.K.

Hi all this is just to let any body who would be interested know that I am teaching a twelve week course in computer animation this september in the Newport area of South Wales U.K.

The course is fully OCN acredited and will focus on developing a character of your own builidng and rigging the mesh and doing simple cyclical animation with the character.

If anyone is interested or if there are any other tutors who have run a similar course could you PM to discuss details.


bumpty bump

i live in chepstow, and i feel ive reached the limit of the on-line documentation. what exactly will you be covering? i can do intarmidate rigging, resnobe at lighting, but not the composing nodes, and i suck at texturing, doing quite abit of that would rilly help me


hope you dont mind, im dyslexic. and il be away all of next week until Sunday

sertch for my posts in the wip section to see how ive enproved, and my level at the moment