animation crash

I’m trying to animate a man inside of a church, but i can’t get it to render. Blender keeps crashing when i try it. i’ve been trying to find out how to render in layers or whatever, but i’m totally lost. can anyone direct me to a tutorial that will take me start to finish on how to render seperate layers, then combine them. Any help would be appreciated, and i hope you can understand what i’m talking about lol.

Provide us with a blender file, please. When an artist is ‘really’ lost, usually anything could be happening.

Also, Are you using Blender 2.42A?

wat i would do is go into the blender foundation folder in on ur harddrive and go into the . blend folder and delete the blender file called .b (its ur default setting u must of set to cause ur problems) it should work cus it worked for me

I’ve been using the new 2.42a and it crashes every time I try and do something that used to work without a problem. I render an animation and a few hundred frames in it crashes. I tried different codecs and so fourth no go.

I re-downloaded the new version today and am re-rendering the 36 second animation. If it works I’ll try and post it but for the past two days blender kept crashing when working with materials, the new nodes thing (no idea what it does but it crashed when I got to happy clicking things) but worst is it crashes when I render. O the other big thing is it keeps crashing when I have a slightly complex scence, maybe 10 different shaped boxes on a plane and a few cylinders, it crashes when I hit ‘p’ for game mode. I got a box and plane to work but anything more complex crashes immeadiately.

So far 250 frames in, I’ll post to see if this redownload makes any difference (I deleted all the old stuff and stored the .blend’s somewhere else to hopefully have a clean start)

This time it didn’t crash when rendering. I hit ‘p’ again and bam “blender.exe has generated errors and will close itself bla bla”

I think this was divx codec but I never seem to get a good file size with good quality… Any ideas on some good simple settings?

edit: this is my bedroom, i modeled everything so I could rearrange in 3D and fly through it in game mode and see if I like it, all too scale. I liked the result so I’m moving stuff around now.