Animation Critique

Here is an animation for a shot in a short film I am making. It is probably my most detailed action in the short so I would like any type of critique and feedback on it, especially on the sense of weight and perhaps timing.

Good moves. Dyno lunge. I like it

Thanks. I knew dyno was the term for it. It was on the tip of my tongue the entire time making it.

All looks fine, but the moment he is jumping. There should be more elasticity in the way he catches the wall: jump - catch - going up a a bit (like trying to jump higher than it is necessary)- and then slightly down (as his body has its weight too).

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Yea I added that in, the way he comes back down and bounces after grabbing the rock. And I thought i had made it noticeable. Perhaps I made it too subtle.

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Looks good but his arms turn into spider legs at the very end (referring to the direction in which his elbows fold)