Animation data copy/paste

Helllo every one.
Im new guy in blender. Before I was 3dsmax user for a few years.
Im experimenting with character animation and mixamo tool.
Im trying to easily copy-paste key frames between Armatures/Bones, but dont works as I expected.
Is there any solution for that?

Hello. Any idea to solve this problem?

Are you trying to copy paste poses in the same armature. Copy paste a track in animation(ex: x position key from an object to another?)
Entire animation?
Could you try to precise?

If I figure it out, you search to copy a pose from an armature to another one?

position key frames because of fbx, I dont know Armatures yet and try to figure out like After Effects style ;). Sorry for miss understandings.

So. Position keyframe on the same armature or in between 2 armatures or position keyframe in between objects?
Sorry I must filter your needs because things are different in between armature and object methode for copying poses

You are talking about Mixamo file. So you import it as an fbx without armature?

it looks like you need to have already created one keyframe in the action where you want to paste, maybe it’s your problem?