Animation: Debilitado [1minute, LipSync]

Ive been work oh this for sometime, giving a use for the characters Ive done sometime ago
Here is it

6.1MB // Compressed with XVID

If the link doesnt work, I uploaded it to rapidshare at
(scroll down, click on the FREE button, ans wait the download start)

The sound is in portuguese, so I added some subtitles ^^

Here is a 16 seconds makin of ^^
(click the link, scroll down, click FREE button, blah blah blah)

HAHA! That was funny.

Always well animated. Glad you found a use for these two guys too.

Keep up the good work Vinicius.


lol, nice.

i loved the style of those characters when you posted them a while back, and its great to see them animated. too funny!

amazing work, keep it up! (and give us more!)

Great animation.

That’s just soooo good! :o

guns and roses rock!
couldnt view the animtion
guns and roses rock!
but i like the models
guns and roses rock!

More more more I need more.

Great piece of anim. The lipsync was right.
In fact i have nothing else to say.
Ho well, will play it again…

Vinicius,you are a blender magician and a step ahead of the pack in character animation.I can tell you won’t break a sweat after the recode.

Good work.

Thanks all =]

Ive made a opengl render with armatures and shaded views of the first 16 seconds for the curious
here is
(click the link, scroll down, click FREE button, blah blah blah)

Wu, if the problem is the codec, you may download it from

and RONIN…Im pretty anxious for the recode in the animation system ^^