Animation denoising?

(lolwel21) #1

Does Blender 2.8 include the proposed Animation (i.e. cross-frame) denoising? I can’t seem to see any articles clarifying it, beyond its appearance in the Cycles Roadmap and cgchannel’s article on Blender 2.8 (it says that it’s on the development goals).

I guess the question here is also partially:
for an animation in Blender 2.8, would it be better to use the Cycles denoiser (ideally with cross-frame denoise) or the denoiser in Nuke (non-commercial)?

(sozap) #2

I think cross-frame denoising isn’t on the 2.8 short term todo,
IIRC you can use cross-frame denoising but not inside blender, you have to export an exr sequence and use cycles as a command line. I never tried that thought.

For Cycles denoiser vs Nuke’s one, cycles as access to a lot more informations to do the denoise.
I use cycles denoiser for animation and it do wonders , I doubt you can get better results with a classical denoiser , even neat video . If it’s just a little noise I think both will work fine.

(lolwel21) #3

Thanks for the tip - I heard Cycles renders a bit faster from command line too, so I think I’ll do command-line rendering for both steps of the process (render and denoise).
Any pointers on how to do that?

(I’m fine with importing the EXRs for a separate compositing pass in Nuke or something, I just want to render an animation with no flickers with as few samples as possible).
(I’m going to use multiple render-layers, so please mention any complications related to that).

(sozap) #4

I’ve searched quickly and I can’t find information about it, but I’m pretty sure it was implemented…
Maybe you should try first the denoiser as it is , and look a bit more into the temporal denoising if it doesn’t work well.
Or maybe poke @lukasstockner97 who write the denoiser , where to find information about it.

The only thing to keep in mind with multiple layers, is that only the final output will be denoised , so AO pass, Diiffuse direct , Glossy indirect, will get noise. You’ll have to stick to ID masks, Normal pass, UV, that aren’t noise sensitive …