Animation difficulties.

Hi, I’ve posted before dealing with this specific animation before, unfortunately I still haven’t gotten it to work. Rather than me re-describe the problem here is the link . I strongly thank Ammusionist for being so concerned with helping me. based on what he has told me and the blend file he gave I thought I could figure out the rest. Appearently not. This stuff is a bit more complicated than I thought. Anyway rather than me ask for what to do. I’m going to ask people to look at the blend file and tell me what I did wrong which I have an idea on what it is and it is probably noobish, but hey I’m noob at animation. Only a couple of ways to learn and this is one of them. Thanks to all for reading.

here’s the .blend

If you’re talking about the orange flames moving away, it’s because there are forces on the particle systems. Turn off the X Y and Z forces as well as Random for the particle systems on Sphere.002 and Sphere.003. It had nothing to do with the camera.

Okay cool. Thank you very much. now two more things I would like to work on is the weirdness of how the textures appear and the lighting.

Let’s select the camera then type ctrl+0 keys.
You’ll be happy.

ok rather than make people render the image themself to see texture problem here is the video–orld----0001-0080.avi.html. If you can’t play it you can download VLC media player here:

this has been edited with a newer version of the video

hmm I think I finally after all this time figured it out… Can someone tell me if this looks kinda good for a first actual attempt at creating something.–orld----0001-0092.avi.html