Animation Difficulty

I created a walkcycle for a model I’m making and it works great. However when I play it back in the timeframe, when it reaches the end it pauses slightly after it ends and makes it look like my creature has a limp or somthing. Is there any way that I can avoid that because that won’t look too good during an actual animation.

ajust the length of the playback to the length of the walkcycle (see render buttons -> “End”)

At a guess I’d say your cycle ends on exactly the same pose it starts on so the end frame and next start frame are the same - hence a two-frame pause.

Thanks for the help. I went back and fixed the animation and it walks as well as I could expect it to. I’ve moved onto the NLA to set up a simple movie, but I’ve found another problem. In order to play back the full animation, I have to expand the timeline to contain the entire animation. But when I go back to the action editor, the timeline is set to the value that I set in the NLA, so when I go to play the action, it plays to the end of the timeline unless I move the timeline back to use just the frames for that action. It seems so inefficient. Is there no way to only play my action without using the timeline?

well most people what to watch the whole thing to make sure its con sistant all the way trough. but if the first half of the animation is all done you could just ajust that start time to the end of the part you have finished.

Yes in the NLA editor just turn the “strips” icon back into the “drowning man” icon and select the strip that your action is in . That should reset the animation time back to the original action length .