Animation efficiency?

Hello there.

Does someone know any efficient ways to organize separate animations in blender?

For example, when animating, I make the keyframes of linking bones (like lower arms and hands) delay by a frame each. And to make it loop smoothly, I loop it 3 times and only use the middle part.

But it feels like doing it like this is much more inefficient than it could be.
Can someone tell me if there’s a better way to achieve the same end result?

(And for that matter, is there a good way to organize multiple animations for a character, rather than using separate moments on a timeline and mark each animation with marks, somehow have a sort of way to have all animations begin at frame 0, on the same character rig? Right now f.e. I have animation #1 start play between 1-181 and animation #2 between 301-600.)


in the graph editor you can add modifier to your animation.

Graph Editor → Open the side panel (N) → Select Modifiers Tab
Choose a modifier, like the Cycle one.

For storing different Actions you will have to look into the NLA Editor. Can be a bit steep to learn.

Basically you will setup an Action with keyframes like you did (only one, like rotation) then in NLA convert it into a strip.
Each strips will represent only an action (rotating, move Z+, walk, jump…)
You can then mix them, duplicate, blend, change speed.
And yes there are also modifiers for strip.

While experimenting will NLA take care not loosing your work, i suggest to have a test file, and train there.
For example, it’s easy to setup strips, not using all of them and when you get back (after reloading the scene) the unused are gone.

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Gold. It works perfectly.
Thank you so much.

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