Animation & Environment consistency question

I’ve noticed from a lot of CGI-breakdown videos on youtube, that for every cut there is a new scene. That means, the background isn’t 3D all way around, it’s only visible from the camera view, and when combined with other scenes or cuts, the illusion of a consistent environment is created, even though they didn’t create the entire environment all way around the camera.

I understand that this has to do with the render times but also because the characters that is being animated can quickly become a mess if appended into the same environment all at the same time (with lots of trees, mountains etc.). Though I do understand they did exactly that in some scenes in “The Good Dinosaur” movie, but usually they create a “unique” environment/background/scene for every cut they make in the movie.

My question is:

If I’m about to do the same thing for my animations, how do I ensure these “unique” scenes feel consistent, as if they were all rendered from the same scene?

For example, the lighting can very easily become an issue here, if you forget to place the sun in the right direction in the next scene. Or some furniture/other assets can very easily be forgotten from one scene to the next or being in the wrong place, compared to the previous scene.

This must have been an issue for the professional hollywood animators too, so how do they get around it?
They rarely seem to miss anything (though a few “easter eggs” or other inconsistencies do exist in a few scenes).