Animation Episodes- COMMING SOON!!! Looking for team!

The storyline of Gloo.
Gloo is a water like blob who has been captured from the city on Huka. The city of Grand invaded the city of Huka on the 24th of May 2029, They stole more then 50 blobs Gloo included. Two years later and they are still traveling to a secret location, hidden beyond the mountains where they say the powers of the blobs will be harrnesed to take over the town of Huka. In the first series Gloo will try with his other friends to break free of the curse that makes them follow the king of Grand.

What is a Blob?
A blob is a water like droplet (except bigger) and comes in diffrent colours each with their own ablity. I will not say what Gloo’s Ability is but the queen of Huka can send thoughts to other blobs. A blob also has there own power, Gloo is a darkness blob which is quite rare.

Towns,Blob types, some abilitys and what they do.
The main towns are.
The city of Huka
The city of Grand
The city of Karks
All the blob types.
Super Rare
Extremly Rare (1 out of 1 billion blobs will have this type)
Black Magic

Abilitys and what they do…
Frost- Makes whatever breathed on turn into ice.
Fire- Burns
Water- Makes thing turn to liquid can also control liquid.
Air- Can fly
Nature- Summons the power of vines.
Changer- Can change into any animal
Mind Changer- Sends thoughts from one mind to another of the persons choice.

These are only a couple of them!

Looking for a team!
Any talent will be taken in. We are planning to sell the animation when we get a series completed, if so everybody is entitiled to 5% of any sold copy. Pm me or post. I will need an example of your work though so be prepared!

images will be posted soon, more information comming as project devlopes!