Animation Export HELP (Please!!)

Please help…
I have a rigged mesh, typical thing; IK solvers on bone chains and a few target bones for controls.

OK - so my modellers and I are fairly novice at Blender so I’m sure this is easy but…

I’m writing a python module to export skinned animations.
I’ve already got it exporting the armature - hiearchical bone structure with transforms in ARMATURESPACE and BONESPACE.
I’ve already got it exporting the vertex / bone weights. So far so good.

Right - I’ve got an animation created by making 5 different poses, and for each pose selecting all the bones in the armature and doing ‘insert keyframe->LocRot’ at various frames in the timeline.

The animation plays a treat and I can see the IpoCurves etc.

When I access all these through the Python API I only get meaningful IpoCurve values for the control bones. All of the other bones, whose transforms are created via the IK solvers come out with identity transforms.

What I want is a way to access the calculated values for all bones, so I can output explicit transforms for each bone for a list of key frames.

Please help!!!

You can bake the animation using this script

also the Ogre 3d exporter is a very useful reference since it exports pretty much all of the features of Blender.


Sorted now :slight_smile:

lugi_maroni - just curious if you plan to release the script - the more formats supported and the more fully functioning scripts out there the better,