Animation Export - Irrlicht

Hello everyone. I’ve been doing some model in blender and I’m going to be exporting in .x format, or another supported file type. But for now me and my team are using .x.

The question is:
Say I have a model of a man, who currently has 2 animations (walk and jump), how would I export him to so Irrlicht can pick up both animations and call them when needed? Would I have to export 2 different files or can I keep it under the same file?

Actually, this would quite a useful set of questions to answer. I was looking into this just a bit earlier and did come across this useful little tid-bit:

Press, if you follow this and maybe try some trial and error (depending on the set-up you have), can you post what happens?

I just recently got recruited to do the modeling and animation for someone who plans on building a game using the Irrlicht game engine and so have been trying to figure out the best approach to the project pipeline to bridge the gap between Blender and Irrlicht. MD3 (and MD2) files, from the forums I’ve caught scattered across the inter-webs, seem to produce very messy results and don’t like armatures/skinning by weights very well. So DirectX looks to be the best approach. However, while I have a lot of experience with Blender, I have none with Irrlicht, so if anyone with expertise or experience can answer this bridging/exporting problem that would be excellent.

My concern is the same as Press’s, if I have several animations associated with my mesh and rig (as is necessary for a video game), will this export put all the animations into the one DirectX file and then Irrlicht will allow for each animation to be used when needed?
Edit: Anyone know of any useful tutorials/sites addressing this specifically?

I’ve been able to export single animations that load into the game. I have yet gotten to the point where multiple animations are being tested as I have no idea how to go about this. I don’t know if the solution relies in blender, the game engine, or both.

This just comes the right time…I’m looking for the exact same answer too! I’m on my way of switching to irrlicht and like to have some advice on exporting and animating the mesh the right way…several animations in the same file needed too…

Would be great if someone could enlighten us!

I have only researched Irrlicht a bit, but I believe that it isn’t currently capable of playing multiple animations from any format other than MD2/MD3. From what I gathered, the only way to do it with something like .X format is to put all your animations into one long animation and then play sequences by manually identifying the start/stop frames.

I briefly looked into how difficult it would be to extend Irrlicht to support this, but then abandoned it in favor of a homemade renderer. I can’t help but think there must be some relatively simple tweak that could add support for this, but I couldn’t find one.