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Hello everyone!
I have a problem with animation export. I have an animated scene with crankshaft and pistons turning. When I go to export the objects and animation in FBX format there is something wrong, because importing then with another program the animation doesn’t work. I don’t know if I’m wrong in the export settings or the workflow of the animation itself.
Does anyone know the right workflow for creating the animation (and rigging) according to the export, so that then everything works properly by re-importing the FBX file into other programs?

Does this help somehow?

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Thanks friend! I will check all the steps described in the link

Following the guide, I discovered a problem on the armor I created for the animation. I can’t apply the scale to the armatures on 1,1,1 otherwise it moves the objects from their position.
I don’t know how to solve the problem

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But that is not because of the parenting or something?

I don’t know what it is due to.
I set up the hierarchies like this:

There is an armature for each piston (A.Connecting_Rod_1…A.Connecting_Rod_2…etc…).
Then there is the armature for crankshaft rotation (A.Crank_1) where inside it are connected bones of all the pistons and crankshaft

Let’s just take a test. Create a box around everything. Parent all your objects box and scale the box. Does it make any difference?

Sadly I’m the worse person to help with that.:joy::joy::joy:

Also, give a look here:

Maybe that could give you a hint.

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I tried the method described in the link but it doesn’t work. I always get the same result

This is your problem- you must apply the scale on the armature. Apply the scale to the armature and all the objects, and then set the origin of the armature and all the objects to the world origin. If things are now in the wrong place, you’ll have to reposition them, unfortunately. This is the only way

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I have tried doing as you say but the objects are shot far away from each other and also some armors, even with scale on 1,1,1 turn out to become enormously larger than the others.
Anyway thanks for the help!

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Did you try to separate objects and armature, rescale them separately and then rejoin them somehow? I know it’s a lot of work and with no guarantees of success, but I think we are running out of options here.

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I hadn’t thought of that…I’ll try…

Doing as you say works: in fact, the objects are not shot away when applying the scale to the armor.
Thank you very much again!

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I am really glad to know that. :clap::clap::clap:

Now I have everything set to the scale 1,1,1 both objects and armor.
The prblem of bad animation export remains. There is something no nva about the armor parentheses but I don’t know what

Have you:


Armor origins are all set in the center of the world.
In order to set the objects at the world center, I must first set their position and rotation to 0,0,0 and then set the origin to the world center. But then when the animation is running the objects like pistons and connecting rods obviously move from their position and consequently their origins move from the origin of the world.

:thinking: animation shouldn’t affect the origins, how have you animated this?

I followed tutorials like this one: