Animation exporting ?


I have spent quite a bit of time working on making a model for a flight simulation game . I haven’t so far given much thought to how to handle animation of some of the parts of the model.
I am getting concerned that there is no way to export animation frames to one of the Blender export file formats. I know I should have asked this question before I spent a lot of time on my model, but I really hadnt thought it would be an issue.

Does anyone know of a way of exporting a model animation. e.g Aileron rotation to a file that I can then maybe convert into an appropriated format. I checked on the ASE file export by reading the Ascii output file (hasnt got a Blender import option). The file looks just like model data, no obvious animation information

This would be a killer blow for me in using Blender instead of 3DS Max if we cant export animations :confused:
Hopefully I am wrong, or someone can suggest a workaround.

Thanks for any assistance

Regards Geoff

So, are you trying to export an animated 3d object, or an animation?

Sorry if I wasnt clear, I am trying to export the details of the animation of an object.
I.e the aileron can rotate about the X axis, by 25 degrees either side of the horizontal.
I will then take that data and use it to animatie the aileron in the game.