Animation- Eye vs Ball

Hi, it’s been a while… ~3mb mpeg4 quicktime
It’s fast and lots of camera angles; I think it will read better with sound.
What you think?
Do you understand what’s happing?
How is the look?


direct link for those of us who don’t view movies in-browser.

Quite good, very good capture of cartoonishness. I would recommend that you turn up subsurfing on the ball. It’s very jaggy.
I look forward to seeing this with sound.

i found the animation itself to be very good, but the camera angles and especially the editing made it difficult to follow the action. a little choppy, in other words.

:slight_smile: very nice use camera and timing… it’s a bit hard to follow, takes two times to really get it, but after that… it’s excellent!

the confusing part is, that the cannon shoots the rock in the beginning into pieces… but then, the rock is again there and drops to the plank… hmm… also, I was hoping a little more in the end, a payback from the eye… or something.