Animation Fading + Keyframes

how do you fade from one pic to the next in a blender animation?

Fade from one pic to the next? You are going to have to be more specific with that.

If you mean like in a movie, where one scene fades to another, you have to do that with postpro. The sequence editor has effects that can do fading. It could do the same with images.

If you mean something fade in and out in Blender, alpha is your man. Here is the address for the online doc: Go through it and look for alpha channels for an object’s material.


Can you use alpha to make stuff fade in or out, i did that, and it just dissapears, it doesn’t fade, and now i’ve got another question, i’ll post in in a bit.

Well, you need to think of Blender as a tool for making an animation, just like a camera and film are tools used to record an event.

You can have a folder full of scenes rendered in Blender. Your job is to edit them and splice them together, like a pro does.

One of my current Blender-Animation projects (which has taken me 3 months so far) is an 8 minute video with characters, lipsync, backgounds, etc… is all based on a real storyboard (you can download programs that help you create a story board) but i prefere to use paper and pencil.

My next task is to piece it all together and add music and sound FX. All of the clips are now AVI files ready to edit, such as fading and things like that.

To fade from one scene to another, or the same scene into the samee scene. You’ll probably find that post editing with a video editor is the easiest choice. I prefer to use Ulead Video Editor, but there are many others out there.

Here’s a tiny bit of you can do with post editing:

  • Fade from scenes
  • Fade from color to B&W
  • Get two animation renderings that are almost identical, but one has a different mesh in it. Then you can fade from one to the other.

Also think about morphing programs too. They can give you some awsome effects with Blender.

Oh, oops, i forgot one of your questions.

 -How To Save Animations.

Before you render, you must pick the Output Location. Goto the Render Buttons ( Then, in the Output Panel, look for the /tmp/. That is the current output location. Click on the little file picture ( Then select where you want it to save. Then, all you have to do is render. It will save as it renders.

Hey, I like your little icons, it would be great if there were a list of icons like that for this BBD, to help guide people.

yes and no. let me rephrase my question.
animating a fade into one picture into the next.

also, lets say i have the camera in position A in frame 50. (and i lock it there duh) and in frame 51, i move the camer into another position (point B) and loc it. after that, i make the camera move from point B to point C (another place)…
instead of taking the quickest route, as most cameras do, it goes all around my screen just to get to point C.

any answers?

rephrase my question:
i put two keyframes so that the camera stays still while filming two other objects moving. but the stupid camera moves as well, even though i put no keyframe on it.

Select the camera and press Shift+F6 to go open the IPO editor (or click on the little icon in the bottom left of the 3D view and pick “IPO Editor” from the menu). You’ll notice that the curve has been shaped to fit the points smoothly, but since there is a sharp change from frame 50 to 51, the line will keep that steep angle and then curve back around. Select the 3 curves one at a time (there should be one for each of X, Y and Z), go into edit mode and move the curve handles around to change it how you want.

Press Shift+F5 to get your 3D window back (or pick “3D View” from the window type menu).

how on earth do you select 1 of those dots and how do i know which dot to move?

ok the IPO worked. is there a way to delete keyframes?

the delete or XKEY?

in animations how do you delete keyframes? (sorry i didn’t bother to create a new topic in the animation help)

In IPO window, select the animation curve that has the keyframe you want to delete. Tab into edit mode. Select the keyframe and hit X or Delete.


Concerning your fade question, you can also use IPO curves to control the alpha value of a material. Hit ‘I’ while your mouse cursor is over the materials window and you’ll get more options other than just position/size. RGB, alpha, etc. These can then be fine tuned in the IPO window. It took me a while to figure it out too - the documentation is a little rough around the edges for IPOs.
good luck