Animation Feed-Back

I am trying to hack together a basic story for my first short animation. Right now i have two basic ideas that I am tossing around.

First, note that this animation will only be three or fewer minutes long, thus all I am aiming for in the story is for the viewer to go, “huh, that was interesting,” after watching it.

Idea #1:
The title, Keys, fades out as a man walks quickly into the room and stands tapping his foot and looks at the ceiling trying to remember something. He begins to rummage through the room impatiently until he finally pulls a set of car keys from the bottom of a drawer. He looks at them, then tosses them over his shoulder and continues to look. He finally pulls a massive, futuristic cylinder with metal caps from a closet and triumphantly exits the room. The camera pans to the window and you see a massive spaceship pulling away into the sky out of the driveway.

(The point of this story is to lead the viewer into thinking he his looking for car keys, then have it not be a car… Clever huh? (not really))

Idea #2
In plain text, the title “Bored”, fades out to a man lying tiredly on his back. He sighs and looks over at his clock, and then the calender, when suddenly inspiration strikes. He hops up and grabs a video camera and begins to set it up. It proceeds into a montage of him filming himself using a tripod doing things with another camera. He then sits at a lap-top, edits the video and plays it with a look of satisfaction on his face. The camera pans to the laptop as he hits play and watches the title , “Bored” fade in.

(The point is he produces a film in the animation that turns out to be the animation itself, it is a continuous loop)

In the end, both of these are just meant to gain experience with animation, while getting something to show for it.