Animation: Fight!

Before I even start I wanna make it clear that the model in this animation is not mine. It was made by Vinicius and the origional thread for his animation/blend can be found here. I asked in that thread if I could use it to practice with, hopefuly Vinicius you won’t mind :smiley: (if you have any objections say so and I’ll gladly remove it). On that same note please base comments/crits on the animation itself and not the model/scene as that wasn’t the focus of this exercise :smiley: .

Now, on to the good stuff! This is a short (2 seconds/340 kb) animation of a couple fight moves I animated to get going with character animation (this is my first real shot at animation). After animationg what you will see I decided to go back and add in a second character but that just created too many problems so I’m gonna start completely over to add a second character and call this done. This is my first time for posting my own work on Elysiun and unfortunately I don’t have any real web space. Please forgive my freewebness :o .

Don’t hesitate to be harsh, I realy do want to improve. :smiley:!.avi


very nice start! would love to see more expanded on this :slight_smile:

Uh…why don’t you host it on a faster webhost, freewebs is kind of slow…

Okay, the movements are good, a bit too fluid, though. At the end of his second punch, he slows down too slowly. The rest of his body should move a bit more, also. Other that that, I like it! :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys, sorry I didn’t get back earlier but this week has just been nuts for me. Hopefuly I’ll have time to continue blending within another week or so. I was a bit disappointed at the number of responses I get though…a whopping 2 :-?. I would venture to guess that that is largely due to my lack of good hosting…Oh well. Thanks again lemmy and Mark62756!


Very nice animation, one problem I think is when he leans back to throw the first punch his ankles seem kinda twisted. Would lifting the heels slightly fix this? Maybe just the left (our left) heel should only be lifted and twist the right foot outward just a touch, Hope this helps.