Animation Film:Street Fighter-Horizons

Hi Artists,

Appreciate for your attention.

I had created a patreon page and I start to write film scripts and want to make them into animation film after completed the script.

The first story i wrote is Street Fighter - Horizons.

Here is the Movie Synopsis

"A fighter name Ryu discovers his inner Dark Hado energy while fighting the Muay Thai Champion Sagat at the First Street Fighter Tournament.

At the present day, Ryu who still searching for the answer to his inner Dark Hado energy, invited by his best friend Ken Master (an American martial arts champion who studied with Ryu under the same master) to enter the second Street Fighter Tournament.

The Street Fighter tournament hosted by M. Bison (the leader of the crime organization Shadaloo) created to attract the world strongest fighter for the title and prize. In secrete it was meant for selling their mind controlling drugs.

Meanwhile, the US Air force Major Guile and Interpol Agent Chun Li also enter the tournament. With different motivate reason, both fighter swore to bring down M. Bison and the Shadaloo."

Actually i had started to make a kick off trail short film called “Street Fighter-Horizons: Confrontation at the Falls” which is an alternate scene from the main film. I write it to test whether can produce the cinematic quality. But the plan fail as the 3D artist who work for it quit the project due to decide to focus on his studying.

I try asking other freelancer for the project but their fee are just unaffordable…

I’m very excited to make the film, so i even think about to learn 3D animation myself and start to learn from very beginning as i never learn in 3D it before. I try to learn it but as a newbie, i just don’t know how long it will take for me to make a cinematic film as myself would prefer and there are other story like dinosaur film and horror film i want spend time writing in future.

So i try to find answer at Blenderartists, hoping to find artist who may be interest in my animation story and willing to work together for the project.

Anyone have the interest in doing a satisfying Film projects would be highly appreciated.

The story, characters, scene and screen play concept parts are in my brain.

The other part of works which i’m looking for help are:

  • Photo-realistic Character modeling.

  • Photo-realistic background.

  • Visual effects.

  • Rigging and Motion capture handling.

  • Animation.

  • Music composer.

  • Voice acting and sound effects capturing.

I’m sure there are very talented Artist who able to handle all the above works. Hope they will interested.

Thank you.


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