animation films and there textures

I know it was made with Maya and not Blender but, it seems to me Blender compositing where maya doesn’t so…

I am studying Photoshop now and my modeling is getting good with Blender and i know I can use Zbrush and Mudbox for texturing too but. How do animation films gets there textures to look like this( Picture) It seems they used a image texture like this wood and concrete and messed around with curves,levels or HDR or something. Anybody know how to get this effect.

I found this from Disney but it really doesn’t explain. I mean it says painting organic textures and high resolution image textures.
(Look development on Walt Disney’s animated feature Tangled called for artists to paint hundreds of organic elements with high-resolution textures on a tight schedule. With our Ptex format [Burley and Lacewell 2008], we had the infrastructure to handle massive textures within our pipeline, but the task of manually painting the patterned textures would still involve tedious effort.)

This was not made in “Maya”. Maya is just the interface to a ton of proprietary software. All the shaders are made using Slim, composited in Disney’s special version of Shake and this is rendered in Renderman using a ton of Disney tech. They have a special way of blending 2d and 3d… it’s uber hard to explain but if you look at some early Rapunzel work. A lot of stuff people thought was concept art was actually fully rendered in 3d.

I used to work there so I’m not just talking out my buttocks. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the guy that made those shaders wrote a book. You might want to pick it up. His name is Rudy Cortes, I know him very well. He was actually writing a RIB exporter for Blender at one point. Here’s his book…

So the above image cannot be produced by cycles?

The short answer is no. I’m sure you can make something just as pretty with good shaders and lighting though. Tangled uses tech that combines a painted look with the cg and Cycles (or any other renderer for that matter) does not do this.

The image can be produced in cycles! The technics used for this picture cannot!!!
There’s nothing that stops you to achieve this goal in cycles, but because the tool is different, you need different methods.

If the question is if the image can be rendered in Cycles like that without any compositing or post-production I would answer no. Cycles, or any other renderer for that matter. Most of the times you have to tweak the renders a lot in order to get the desired effect or look.

But, if the question is: can that image be created in Blender? I would answer yes, with a lot of compositing and tweaking after the render is done.

Like Secrop said,