Animation finishing?

i have made my animation. but i dont want in in a video file. i want it in a gif.
is there a setting to change to make it directly into a gif…
or a program the gathers the images and makes them a gif.
or do i just have to sit there and make the animation in photoshop>?
bit annoying to make a 100 frams gif hand by hand,? lol.

I can’t see a way to export to Gif. However, blender’s default output (at least for me) is Jpeg. If Jpeg will work for you read on.

In the buttons window, Press F10, and in the Format tab, there will be a dropdown menu, choose Jpeg.

i know how to change the output settings… i was just wonder ing if there was a file in there like a gif or a way of making a gif. in blender…
that is all. thanks for your help anyway.

I was under the impression that gif was a proprietary format and couldn’t be used without paying royalties to the owner. Adobe probably pays the royalties and incorporates them into the price of photoshop.

Quite probibly, but then again, so is Mpeg and avi. So using that excuse blender really should be using mpeg, (unless someone makes a ffgif :evilgrin:).

If you have to have a gif, their are other programs that take either a movie or a set of images and makes it into one animated gif, or outputs it to sevreal still gifs. But I don’t remember any of them, and quite a few of them can be costly.

I hope this helps anyway.