Animation Flips 180 degrees when imported to Unity?

I’d used LocRotScale when creating my animation before quite realising that I only needed rotation to make my heron model bend its neck. I then deleted every Loc and Scale key.

However, when imported to Unity (4.6 instead of 5 due to backwards compatibility reasons), my animation still flips around. I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong at all. Note that it works fine within Blender.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with my animation process, or normals, or something else.

Can’t seem to include the fbx, but I have attached the blend file - thanks!

Heron_025.blend (607 KB)

You did not apply your rotations and/or scales!

I wish I had a Pound, or even a Dollar or Euro, for every time I write this - select your objects and key CTRL+A, then select “Rotation and Scale”. I am no expert on Unity (I can spell it and that’s about all), but I do know that unapplied rotations and scales causes deep chaos in many areas of exporting, animation, etc. Your heron body has a scale of 0.229 at the moment.

For the record, when you create an object, do all your rotation and scaling in EDIT MODE not OBJECT MODE, this saves you much heartache. When you add and object and check “Align to View” - always apply rotation afterwards.

Cheers, Clock.


You have some mighty weird rotations on your armature object - guess these are messing things up as well - Apply rotation and scale to your armature in Object mode. Your armature rotations are 34,659 in X, -7.802 in Y and 7.655 in Z and the armature scale is 0.654 - Not Good :ba:

Apply rotation of object and armature (Ctrl+A)
In the .fbx export settings try experimenting with different forward/up axis and bone axis settings