Animation for Inspiration

Whatever made you decide to start blending or drawing/modeling/animating in general, it’s probably related to something that inspired you – a film, a series – something that made you itch and say “I wanna do that”.

So, what’s that piece that inspired/inspires you? Is it Chris Landreth? Early Pixar work?
Don Bluth? Whatever it is, it’s better with a link to show it :wink:

I’ll start. As I’m currently interested in short films, this is one of the best traditional ones. Now that the style really matches the very good story: The Cat Came Back.

good topic,
i won’t post links,but…
Squaresoft & subsidiary co’s
well I can’t go past Final Fantasy as the inspiration. Even now Years Later, people struggle to do what the Masters Did.

wat inspired me is pretty much the fact that ive been watching cartoons since before i can remember and im 15 years old now and i have no thoughts of stop watching cartoons, now its time for spongebob, cya

Pixar is awesome. I think just about anything they do inspires me since a majority of their stuff has a good story, and other awesome aspects.

Elephants Deam. Watched it once, rushed to download Blender, bin bliss ever since :wink:


Love the topic.

Alot of work has inspired me. I think Pixar has been one of the biggest inspirations for me. Also short movies, 2d and -3d, has been great.

I think, that maybe the thought of being my own little “god”, meaning that I can create what I want on the screen, has facinated me alot, and pushed my animation skills forward.

@Lasphere: spoken like a game designer. No, I’m not being random. I did read an interview (can’t remember where, to lazy to search) they did on this game designer who said that the player has no control – as he is the one who truly controls the consequences of what the player does, absolute power over his fictional universe was his all along. “Now that’s power”, he finished.

Can’t remember where I read that…

Lol yearh, Thats exacly like I feel :smiley: Allthough I wanna be a animator, but game design is also fun ^^.