Animation for noob.

Ok,i finally finished adjusting the weights of my character.
Now i wanna take the next step and do animations.
Its just im a complete noob when it comes to animations.Im shure moving the bones with an ordinary mouse and recording frames isnt gonna give quality results for me.So ive been thinking: is there a way in blender to move bones along a path,curve?That would be pretty cool.

Complete noobs in something shouldn’t make assumptions about what’s going to work and what isn’t. Move the bones around with the mouse, set key frames, then take a look at the IPO window and Action editor. You’ll find plenty of tools designed to make quality animations.

You could probably come up with some kluge to make a bone move on a curve path, using empties and hooks, but why not try the tools that are made for animation? Sounds like you’re trying to get quality results without putting in quality time. Good luck with that!

Numeric inputs can help with calculating strides, paths and speeds and the I.P.O is actually a curve editor.