Animation freezes a second when repeating


I have an issue and i do not know the solution for it so i thought to ask it here.
Anyone have/had this problem and know how to fix this?

Here you see when the animation repeats itself it freezes for a second.
Already tried to bezier/linear the frames but no effect on the freeze, this happends with alt+a and ingame.

Try removing a frame from the end

No effect at all, first column or last column of frames it stays the same

I mean instead of the animation length being x amount of frames long, change it to x-1. If it’s not an issue with the animation itself then it’s likely an issue with bge.

already is like that, frames 1-60, playing 1 to 59.

Are you sure it does not start on frame 0?

action brick for ingame is set at 1-59, the movie is just in 3dview alt+a to start the animation, set at 1-59, so unless something else can control it, then i’m sure that it starts at frame 1.

I mean your key frames not the brick *

yup, see:

ah, classy 2.7x jank.

ive had this issue. fixed it by copying the keyframes and pasting them on a new action.

That does not help for me, copied all to a new action still the freeze.

its not a bad datablock then.
an animation problem perhaps. have you tried lowering the end frame some more?

yes, it become sorta less visible, but the hickup stays

in the video at least the freeze is not visible on the timeline, just the model. to my eyes this means youre lingering on the same pose for too long. two things to check, looking at the animation on lower and higher framerates as well as rethinking the spacing of each pose.

if it all fails then maybe were dealing with some obscure bug. nothing ive seen before other than the usual datablock effuppery, and ive animated my fair share of loops in 2.79

yeah it’s strange, if i animate a new action with one leg going up/down and repeat it it runs fine, but the walk animation is messed up. I believe it has something to do with linear and brezier options.

I have also never encountered this problem, so i tried many things without any luck, guess i have to redo the animation. But i still want to know what causes this. it made me very curious.

I forget the name of it, but there is a property on the action actuator for bleed between animations. Have you tried tweaking that?

blending is for multiple animations on 1 armature, so no i did not tweak that, as you should not have to with just one action. Also the actuator has no use at all in plain 3dview (not ingame).

You’re right, you shouldn’t have to, but it has fixed weird flashing issues for me in the past when using only one animation. No worries though; was just a stab in the dark :slight_smile:

It seems the Animation slows down at Start and End. I guess the Handles of the Curves are horizontal. (like red) Try Shift+E/make cyclic in Graph Editor. Or modify the Handles get more flow. (like blue)


linear or bezier, i got mine on bezier (red) (with t key)

i looked into it, now i’m sure it has something to do with those stats i changed, i tried make cyclic, makes it move a bit funnyt, so i cleared it, then t key and brezier all the frames again.

It’s a lot less, barely noticeable but still there

this is mine: