Animation from linear to curve

Hi Guys,

Does somebody know if it is possible to start an animation linear and let it end as a curve?
At the moment it only works (for me) if you edit the curves manual. But that is not accurate anymore if the model has moving parts.

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Ok, over a 100 views and no reply. So it is not possible?
Maybe a tip for the developers.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if you can change the interpolation type from linear to a spline (Bezier)? Yes, if that is your question.

In the graph editor, select your keyframes and type “T”. This will let you select the type of interpolation. Linear, Constant, or Bezier.

Yeah, I don’t really understand what you are asking either. If you are animating a machine, might be you need a proper rig to do whatever it is you’re trying to do. Post some screenshots.

Ok, I am not a pro. I am probably try to animate something completely wrong.

But this is what I want.

This is the normal setup for a curved animation (start slow, speed up and slow down at the end).

If you change from curve to linear you get this setup (everything at a constant speed).

But what I want is to start the object at a constant speed (linear) and end in a curve (slow down and stop).

I changed this setup manual by editing the curve at the start of the animation. But like I told you, this is not very accurate if you have a model with moving parts.

Do you think I can achieve this some other way?

Use more points to achieve the curve you are looking for?


Use a Follow-Path modifier on the object - Define the curve by using a straight line (extrude a single vertex) first, then “Spin” the last vertex around a centre point (cursor position) that will match the movement you require. Convert this to a curve (ALT-C Select “mesh to curve”), then add a Follow Path modifier to your mesh. Check the “Follow Curve” and “Constant Offset” options then keyframe your offset values against the timeline. The values will be between 0 (start of the curve) and 1 (end of the curve).

Cheers. Clock.

PS sorry I had to edit this post - finger trouble!

One last thing, If you use a Bezier curve for your keyframes with this setup, you can still accelerate and decelerate the object along the curve, so the motion is realistic.

Something like this:- follow-path-SC01.blend (443 KB)

You can then use this mesh to accelerate another object thus:- follow-path-SC02.blend (500 KB)

Or even thus:- follow-path-SC03.blend (507 KB)

Perhaps now I am getting silly.


select the fist keyframe in the graph editor, press v and select ‘Vector’.
select the second keyframe, press v and select ‘automatic’.

Thank you for all your replies,

I think I have a solution which is the most easy way I think.
I want to start the animation of my model at a constant speed. So I start rendering when the model is at constant speed. Not at frame 1, but at frame 400 or so. I only have to start the model animation at a different location. When I start the animation at frame 400 the model is at constant speed.

It sounds complex, but actually the simplest solutions are the best.

Thank you all. I have learned a little bit more.



Yes, I tried my idea and it looks perfect.
Thanks again.