Animation from Maya to Blender

Hi !
I recently did an animation on Maya and I wanted to import it on Blender for rendering.
So I tried exporting it in Dae_FBX format but Blender couldn’t open it…
Then I tried this technique :
But the animation was all messed up in Blender. The mesh was all deformed.

Here is the animation I want to export from Maya:

I use Maya 2015 and Blender 2.71.

Good luck with that.

Hi Keyle!

As you can see in this reel, I’ve managed to transfer a Maya animation into Blender. All the shots were animated in Maya, with Maya rigs, exported and then rendered with Cycles.

I’ve actually used the method you’ve mencioned, but for the camera I had to export as FBX or Collada (not sure which if them).

Make sure you follow EVERY step in the post, especially the “keep ver order” one. I think that’s your problem. As I told you, if you follow the steps you might not have any inconvenience.

If this won’t solve the problem I can check your Maya scene, but I can’t now. Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow (I’m in Europe).



As you can see in this reel

Wow… nice Reel guy!

Thanks mate! That was just a student reel far from being as good as I wish. It was the reel of the first three modules of the course. I’m already finishing the fourth module… Only one more to have a life again :'D

Thank you so much for your reply Buch. You were right the problem came from the “keep ver order”…
So it worked on some animations.
But on one, the bake animation didn’t really worked. I can see all the keyframes on blender but no animations. Just the character rotating 90 degrees.
Did you have the same problem ?

ust the character rotating 90 degrees.

I wonder if you changed the up axis on your Rigg in edit mode to 'Z;… I know Maya’s up axis is ‘Y’…

No I didn’t change anything…
Some animations worked very well :slight_smile:

So I managed to figure out the problem.
Before you export the animation, you must make sure that you didn’t do any modification on your file. So just save, close and re-opened maya then export your animation.

Here is my animation !

Animated in Maya and rendered in Blender !