Animation from motion capture

I got a model which is rigged. Now I want to animating it using bvh motion capture, anyone had information about this? Link at least?

Thanks for your time.

AFAIK, Blender’s BVH importer doesn’t work that way. When you import a BVH file, it creates a new armature for you, based on the data that is included in the BVH file. So, you can’t directly apply imported BVH motion to an existing rig.

There are projects in the works to help with retargeting animation data, but that won’t help you right now.

You have two ways to proceed:

  1. Bring in a BVH file with the standard importer and re-skin your model to the imported armature.
  2. Bring in a BVH file with the standard importer, then “train” your existing rig to one created by the BVH import. This would consist of (probably) removing any things like IK, fancy constraint systems, etc., from your existing rig then applying copy rotation and copy location constraints to the relevant control bones so that it follows the BVH rig. If you’ve created your original rig to have a separate control structure from the deformation structure (my recommendation), this will be relatively easy. If not…

Where is the copy location button placed?

That would be a Copy Location constraint, not button or command. You’ll need to train your current rig to the bones in the BVH imported rig. If you don’t know how to add a constraint, I’m wondering how you rigged your current model…

Im rigged it just by importing a bvh file contained the skeleton exported by makehuman.
Im now thingking about skinning my animation than using the second method you said.

I’d like to know how to rotate a bone on the resting position on edit mode

Thanks for your time and sorry for my lack of knowledge, Im a complete newbie who tried to learn on the simplest way.

You could try import BVH as empties. Then you can parent the parts of the BVH skeleton to the parts that match your rig, ignoring all others.

There is some info floating around the web as well.