animation from the Philippines

please check out my very short animation i published @ youtube:

I know this is not much and I still have a lot of things to improve with regard to my modelling and animation skills. But I’m just too excited to share this with the Blender community. The video has already been posted @ YouTube a month ago and I think it is only proper to share this with the Blender community as well

To all pinoys, I am proud to say that this is one significant move to localize animation by using local hero-materials. A lot of Filipino animators are already going local and this is my humble contribution, thanks to Blender.

Lastly, I have just registered a domain: and i’m planning to open this to all pinoy blenderheads who are interested in sharing their projects through this website. feel free to visit the site.

Mabuhay Philippines


Astig yung animation!

Galing na manan! Subukan ko Character Animation sa malapit na pagkataon.
Nag subscribe ako sa YouTube mo.

That’s great! I’ll try character animation something time in the near future.
I just subscribe to your YouTube account.

eerm, you should have posted that to the finished works section, i think, but nice animation(esp as it seems to be your first!), ether ways… :slight_smile:

i liked it, the only thing was when he was panting, it was kind of weird.

Pretty cool work!

mabuhay ang pilipinas!
EDIT: read your plan regarding your research… sounds good! too bad, we’re a few islands away, won’t be able to have a close look at your work :frowning: i’d like to hear more news on that

the animation short you submitted to the animation festival landed as finalist?! wow! congrats!

hey garuh, don’t worry, we might be islandsapart but i’m planning to involve d pinoy blenderheads on this one. the project will kickout sometime this november. mga 3rd week siguro. i’ll keep you posted. at the meantime, i created a forum in my website. this forum is dedicated to all pinoy animators. checkitawt! pa-member naman kayo and post threads! para sa 'tin to!
mabuhay philippines!

thanks for all the comments guys, i really appreciate it. mabuhay blender!